This Crow

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This crow is so "badass" that it is riding on an eagle.

Crow Rides Eagle

This butt kicking crow was reported by Huffington Post (who also have even bigger pictures).

When reporters asked the photographer how on earth he got this photo (and the others that are amazing) he said that he was just in the right place at the right time.

The bad to the bone crow took a rest on the back of a bald eagle he was utterly unbothered.

Fly my pretty...


This brill image was captured by photographer Phoo Chan. Chan said he was stunned when he saw the birds.

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You can see more images of this amazing moment at the Florida News Time website and pretty much everywhere else on the entire Internet.

What is going on?

Crows are very bold animals not to mention bossy sky hogs sometimes. The chances are that this bad-to-the-bone crow was trying to harrass the poor eagle while it was looking for breakfast.

The eagle was not bothered at all because he knew that crow might be on the menu if he kept that sh*t up.

That's our guess anyway. What's yours?

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